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About the Fund

Consumers’ decisions to purchase a wide variety of products are influenced by marketing claims and advertising. The Consumer Products Fund was originally created to help consumers understand product labeling, marketing, advertising and product performance claims; the potential personal and environmental health impacts of product ingredients; and to promote truth-in-advertising and also truth-in-labeling with required warnings and disclosures. Over the past several years, this fund has supported projects that promote truth-telling and consumer understanding regarding product ingredients and performance to protect people’s rights, health, and safety.


There will be a grant cycle in late 2022, enabled by cy pres from the Shamrell, et al. v. Apple Inc. class action settlement. Proposals will be requested in the area of consumer rights education, with additional emphasis on consumer technology, product performance, and marketing claims. In addition to the grant opportunity this fall, grant cycles with similar funding will be available next year.

Key Information:

  • This grant cycle seeks proposals that advance consumer education or consumer rights in the state of California. Proposals seeking general support or which are conducted nationally or across multiple states are also eligible if they have a clearly articulated benefit to Californians in particular.
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Click here to learn more about our advisory volunteer funding board who has tremendous expertise in the field of consumer rights and advocacy.


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Jodene Isaacs, Program Officer

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