Consumer Products Fund

About the Fund

Consumers’ decisions to purchase a wide variety of products are influenced by marketing claims and advertising. The Consumer Products Fund was created to help consumers understand product labeling, marketing, advertising and product performance claims; the potential personal and environmental health impacts of product ingredients; and to promote truth-in-advertising and also truth-in-labeling with required warnings and disclosures. This fund supports projects that promote truth-telling and consumer understanding regarding product ingredients and performance to protect people’s rights, health, and safety.


The Fund is not currently accepting applications. Please sign up here to receive notifications of future grant opportunities.


The Fund is not currently accepting applications. Click here for eligibility information and funding priorities during a previous Consumer Products Fund grant cycle which was related to the advertising claims and human health impacts of products marketed as containing “natural” ingredients.  Please note that these are for illustration purposes only.  Specific eligibility requirements may change based on future funding sources.


The Fund is not currently accepting applications. Click here to read application instructions during the 2015 Consumer Products Fund grant cycle.  These instructions are for illustration purposes only and will be updated for future grant cycles.

funding board members

The Fund is advised by a volunteer funding board of individuals who have tremendous expertise in the field of consumer product performance, and product ingredients.


Click here to see a list of grantees of the from previous Consumer Products Fund cycles.


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Anya Diamond, Program Officer
adiamond -at- or call 510-658-0702


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