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General Inquiries

electronic mail prefix: rose

Grants Inquiries

electronic mail prefix: grants

Rose Foundation Staff

Jill Ratner, President & New Voices Are Rising Program Director
electronic mail prefix: jratner

Tim Little, Executive Director
electronic mail prefix: tlittle

Carlos Zambrano, New Voices Are Rising Program Coordinator
electronic mail prefix: czambrano

Megan Mubaraki, Program Officer
electronic mail prefix: mmubaraki

Laura Fernandez, Program Officer
electronic mail prefix: lfernandez

Miranda Kraus, Grants Assistant
electronic mail prefix: mkraus

Sheela Shankar, Development & Communications Manager
electronic mail prefix: sshankar

Drea Chavez, Interim Development & Communications Assistant
electronic mail prefix: dchavez

Pamela Arauz, Administrative Manager
electronic mail prefix: parauz

Aurora Heying, Administrative Assistant
electronic mail prefix: aheying


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