Donate to Get the Lead Out of Lake Tahoe

AT&T has left over 8 miles of abandoned cables in Lake Tahoe. The cables contain 139,000 pounds of lead. They are frayed and are leaking lead into Lake Tahoe. A Federal Court lawsuit, California Sportfishing vs. AT&T, has been underway for two years to force AT&T to remove these lead cables.

The case is quite strong, but it is expensive to litigate. The testing to show the amount of lead leaching from the cables, and the experts needed to analyze these tests so that they can be presented as evidence in court, are particularly expensive.

A litigation fund, “Get the Lead Out of Lake Tahoe” has been established for any person or organization who would like to donate and help pay for this testing and expert work. All donations go toward proving that yes, the 139,000 pounds of lead in the lake is having a harmful effect on humans, fish and the aquatic environment, and it will continue to have a harmful effect. With science we will win. As we say to the Court, “let science be the guide.”

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