Grant Reporting Instructions

Groups who have received a grant from the Rose Foundation must submit a grant report. Please refer to your Grant Agreement for the date on which your report is due. However, note that if you submit a proposal for a new project to Rose Foundation prior to the final reporting date listed on your Grant Agreement page, you will still need to submit a report at the end of your grant period, describing your activities to date.

Please log into our online portal to begin filling out your assigned grant report.

You are free to include other documents in your report, such as pamphlets, photos, and news clippings. However, these are to be supplementary and should tie into your more general narrative.

PLEASE NOTE: Grant Report forms (also listed as “Follow-Up Forms” in the online portal) are automatically assigned to the user account that originally completed/submitted the application. Follow-up forms can only be assigned to and accessed by one user account at a time. If you are not the original applicant contact but you are completing the grant report, please contact us at We will create a user account for you and then re-assign the report form to you.

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