Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund

About the Fund

The Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund fulfills the intent of a series of settlements between the Sierra Club and residential building developers in the Bakersfield area. As required by these settlements, the Fund receives air pollution mitigation fees paid by property developers to offset the cumulative air pollution impacts of the new developments. With the advice of a Bakersfield-based funding advisory board, the Rose Foundation uses these developer fees to support grants for projects designed to reduce particulate or ozone air pollution in Kern County.

Since inception, the Fund has awarded more than $2.5 million to support clean air projects in the Bakersfield area. As additional air pollution mitigation fees are paid into the Fund, additional grants are possible. Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, a grantmaking public charity with experience in administering court-ordered restitution funds, serves as the Fund’s trustee, and administers its grant making program.


The Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund is not currently accepting proposals as funds replenish. Please sign up here to receive notifications of future grant opportunities.

How to Apply

Applicants may ask for grants of any size up to a maximum of $200,000. Some types of projects, especially infrastructure, equipment or incentive programs, may require matching funds. In addition to proposals from school districts, governmental agencies and larger non-profits, we encourage proposals from small grassroots organizations. However, smaller organizations should generally not submit proposals that exceed 25% of their previous year’s actual income/expense.

Click here for information about the scope of allowable projects and eligibility criteria. Click here for instructions on how to apply through our online portal.

Grant Reporting Instructions

If your group is awarded a grant, you must provide a final grant report within one year of receiving the money, or before your group can receive additional funding. Click here for the full grant reporting instructions. 

Funding Board Members

The Fund is guided by the Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund Committee, an oversight body with joint representation from the homebuilding and environmental community. Click here to review their bios.



Jodene Isaacs, Mitigation Funds Director
(510) 658-0702

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