New Voices Are Rising Fellows

A select number of students from the Summer Academy are recruited to become New Voices Are Rising Fellows during the school year, giving them the opportunity to pursue environmental justice work in greater depth. The students use the skills they learned and the leadership potential they developed, applying it to a capstone project of their choosing. They work with community-based partners who guide them in addressing environmental challenges and leading environmental justice themed projects that engender community action. Fellows are employees of the Rose Foundation and work closely with NVR program staff to design and follow individual work plans to complete their projects. This paid position helps frontline youth develop work-based skills and gain direct experience in guiding local policies and decision making. 

Meet our Fellows for the 2022-2023 School Year


Christi Fok (she/her) El Cerrito High School

“As the Clean Energy Fellow, I work with the Local Clean Energy Alliance to identify energy justice issues and solutions in the Bay Area envisioning a transition to sustainable energy systems and climate resilience.”

Ahnaya McLean (she/her) — El Cerrito High School

“During my time in this position, I look forward to becoming a better critical thinker. I hope to learn more about policy development, specific community disparities, and public health in order to be a leader in these spaces and apply knowledge!”

Nicole Hong (she/her) Pinole Valley High School

“I’d love to help spread more recognition for environmental injustices, to fuel the process of understanding and addressing community needs. Through this, we can create resilient, educated, and inclusive communities.”

Mindy Leung (she/her) Oakland Tech High School

“I want to go more in-depth about Environmental Justice and make a change in my community and communities that are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards.”

JV Iglesias (She/Her) Pinole Valley High School

“I strive to continuously spread awareness about the environmental injustices targeting marginalized communities that are socially and environmentally embedded into society.”

Angela Pinata (she/her) Skyline High School

“As the food justice fellow, it’s important for me to let everyone know about the food injustices that happen to low income POC so we can work together to fix them!”

Manuel Ochoa (he/him) — Pinole Valley High School

“I strive to keep on advocating and learning about social and environmental issues so I can continue to fight for communities of color.”


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