New Voices Are Rising Fellows

Two to four students from the Summer Institute are recruited to become New Voices Are Rising Fellows during the school year, giving them the opportunity to pursue environmental justice work in greater depth. The students use the skills they learned and the leadership potential they developed, applying it to community capacity-building and outreach projects with New Voices and program partners focused on reducing toxic exposure, addressing climate change, and increasing competency in low-income communities and communities of color to meaningfully engage in environmental decision-making.

Meet our Fellows for the 2020-2021 School Year

David Fellow David Food Justice Fellow— is a Junior at Oakland Technical High School. He is 16 and likes to skateboard and watch Netflix. David wants to pursue his dream of either being a doctor or working in environmental justice. He’s excited about being able to be with New Voices for another amazing year.
Michelle Fellow Michelle — AB617 Fellow — is a Senior at the Oakland Military Institute (OMI). She is very passionate about poetry, art, and wanting a better environment and society. Combining all of her interests, Michelle chooses to advocate through art. She’s introverted, so “having my art speak and advocate for me is something that I feel is best for me.” She is excited about the fellowship’s online approach to advocacy for this year.
Natalia, Fellow Natalia — Climate Resilience Fellow — is currently a Senior at Skyline High School in the Green Energy Pathway and this year’s current All Student Body (ASB) Secretary. She loves doing arts and crafts like painting, crochet, and embroidery. Natalia has also been a dancer for most of her life and is passionate about swimming, which she’s done competitively for a few years. She is very excited to get to meet and work with new people while making a difference in her community.
Parker Fellow Parker East Oakland Air Quality Fellow — is a Sophomore at Coliseum College Prep Academy. Her favorite food is a burger, and she really enjoys reading! She’s most excited to meet new people who are going to be joining New Voices and can’t wait for the activities and projects she’ll be working on with the other Fellows.

Meet Our Past Fellows

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