Our Unstoppable Youth Leaders

The ultimate goal of the New Voices Are Rising program is to grow youth power from the communities most directly impacted by environmental injustice. This could not be possible without the guidance and example set by our youth leaders. This year’s Youth Co-Coordinators Andrea and Qin helped train our five POD Leaders to support them in developing the skills they need to lead their small groups throughout the six-week program. Our POD Leaders help develop parts of the curriculum, learn to run hands-on activities remotely, and create presentations to share their knowledge with their small groups.


Qin HeSummer Academy Youth Co-Coordinator Qin
“Being in a leadership role as a Summer Academy POD Leader last year confirmed that I had the strength to lead others in learning and influencing their actions.”
Born in China and raised in Oakland, Qin has been a long-time advocate of environmental justice and sustainability. As Youth Co-Coordinator, Qin helped spread knowledge and accessible information to her students. She hopes that her students will use their newfound knowledge to work with and teach their own communities about the issues impacting them and find solutions. 

Andrea PinedaSummer Academy Youth Co-Coordinator Andrea
“Being in the New Voices program taught me that I was given a voice for a reason, and I was able to use that voice to speak up and act on any type of injustice.”
Born and raised in Oakland, Andrea joined us for her 4th year with New Voices Are Rising. As Youth Co-Coordinator, Andrea helped plan and run the New Voices Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy. She led by example, showing students that their sharing their experience is important and necessary for change. Andrea believes learning should be fun and accessible for everyone, especially when it’s about environmental justice. 
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