How To Apply

Follow these instructions to apply for a Puget Sound/Salish Sea Watershed Grant. It is anticipated that grants ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 will be awarded. All proposals for more than $25,000 are strongly encouraged to submit a pre-proposal by January 13, 2017. Proposals for over $50,000 require a 1:1 match. Most grants will be for a 12 to 24 month period. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to propose schedules and timelines that are achievable and appropriate to the project – thus, timelines shorter than 12 months or longer than 24 months are allowable.

1) Instructions for Pre-Proposal (For projects greater than $25,000)

All applicants interested in applying for a grant of more than $25,000 are strongly encouraged to submit a pre-proposal letter. This allows Rose Foundation to determine if the proposal appears to be a good fit for the Fund. The letter should be no longer than three pages, and should concisely describe each of the following:

  • Contact Information: Organization, contact name, mailing address, email address, phone number
  • Project: What do you propose to do and how will you do it? When will the work be done? What outcome(s) do you want to achieve?
  • Strategy: Why is this project important from an overall standpoint? How does it address the goals of this RFP and how does it fit in with other Puget Sound/Salish Sea Watershed initiatives or programs?
  • Evaluation: How will you assess the effectiveness of the project and ensure its long-term sustainability?
  • Funding: What is the total budget for the project? How much are you seeking from Rose Foundation? What other funders are you approaching? What is your group’s overall budget?
  • Organization: Profile the organization requesting funds. Describe past experience in natural resource recovery or restoration activities, and experience in the target watersheds of this RFP. What are your organization’s major programs and most significant achievements over the past few years?

How to Submit your Pre-Proposal

Submit by email to: grants[AT] (please replace [AT] with @)

*Please send your proposal as a PDF or MS Word attachment, and include the applicant organization’s name or acronym in the file name of the attachment.

The deadline for receipt of Pre-Proposals is 5PM, January 13, 2017

2) Instructions for Applications

  • Check Eligibility: Please check all eligibility requirements before starting the application.
  • Read the Application Instructions: Please read all of the instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step. To access our online application system instructions, click here. If you would like to include maps, photos, or other relevant materials that are not solicited in the online application please send them to (please replace “-at-” with @) with “Puget Sound Salish Sea” and your organization’s name as it appears on the online application in the subject line. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us by email at (please replace “-at-” with @) or by phone at (510) 658-0702.
  • Start your Application: To get started on your application, please click here.
  • Submittal Deadline: Your application must be submitted by 5PM, February 10, 2017.

What Happens Next

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your Pre-Proposal or Application within few days of receipt. Applicants may or may not be contacted for follow up information or interviews. Applicants who submit full proposals should generally be available for interviews in the latter part of February and during March. Final funding decisions will be announced in April 2017.

For Further Information

Kevin Hendrick, Grant Manager
Email: khendrick[AT] (please replace [AT] with @) or call (707) 951-1734

To download a copy of the Request for Proposals, please click here.

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