Current and Past Grantees California Wildlands Rapid Response Fund

National Parks Conservation Association
For Opposing the Cadiz Project
To build legislative support with the State of California and simultaneously implement a coalition building strategy to protect the Cadiz Valley Aquifer from the groundwater extraction project proposed by Cadiz Inc – a program in direct contrast to California’s sustainable management legislation for the state’s groundwater basins.  This strategy is in line with the strong statements that Governor Brown and legislative leadership have expressed regarding efforts by the Trump Administration to roll back environmental protections and regulations.

Mojave Desert Land Trust
For The Cadiz Hydroecology Project: A water study to protect the east Mojave
Southern Desert
To conduct a water study project as part of broader program initiative to prevent the Cadiz groundwater project from destroying the east Mojave Desert’s fragile ecosystem and preserve landscapes of the Barstow, Needles and Twentynine Palms communities that are rich in Native American history and home to the longest undeveloped stretch of Historic Route 66, and the Amboy Crater National Landmark.

Los Padres ForestWatch
For Save the Carrizo Plain
Central Coast
To keep the Carrizo Plain National Monument intact by educating stakeholders and the general public about the importance of monument designation, the threats facing the CPNM, the benefits of monument designation (particularly economic benefits to local communities), and how concerned residents and businesses can contact decision-makers to show widespread community support for retaining the monument designation.

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