Youth Lead the Movement Will You Meet the Moment

New Voices Are Rising is excited to host our first-ever VIRTUAL Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy! 

Meet the Moment with New Voices!In recent years, young people around the world have risen up to demand that we all acknowledge the climate crisis is here and now, and take bold action to address it. Youth are leading this global movement for environmental and climate justice, and their passionate leadership and sense of urgency is exactly what is needed to pressure our governments and international agencies into action.

Our New Voices Are Rising students play an active role in this global movement, taking action locally within their communities. New Voices students are high schoolers living in the most polluted and under-resourced areas of Oakland. They live and breathe environmental and social injustices every single day. And, they have chosen to step up as leaders, challenge the status quo, and make positive change for their communities and the environment!

Support these youth leaders who are as committed as ever to building community power. Meet the moment with New Voices!

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