Past Grassroots Grantee Convenings

The Grassroots Funds hosts an annual convening of its grantees. The day-long session is a time for learning and networking, and is usually built around a central theme, such as fundraising or communicating your group’s story.

2022 Convening
For the 2022 Convening, we partnered with Nonprofit Learning Lab to host four sessions focused on growing grassroots groups’ donor fundraising. Training sessions explored how to craft an effective fundraising plan, ways to cultivate donors and fundraise with volunteers, making the ask and planning events, and carrying out a community appeal campaign.

2021 Convening
The 2021 Convening, hosted by California Environmental Voters, spanned 4 session on Fridays in November and December. The virtual workshops explored what role grassroots organizations can play in guiding policy, influencing decision-makers, and holding political leaders accountable.

2020 Convening
The 2020 Convening was held over 7 webinar sessions on Fridays in October and November. Our first virtual Convening focused on digital organizing, giving grassroots groups the tools to strengthen their outreach and organizing in the digital era.

2019 Convening
The 2019 Convening was held on October 29, at the UC Davis Alumni Center in Davis, CA. The workshops focused on harnessing momentum for grassroots groups in the 2020 election year.

2018 Convening
The 2018 Convening was held on November 15, at the First Unitarian Church in Oakland, California. The workshops focused on fundraising for grassroots organizations.

2017 Convening
The 2017 Convening was held on November 2nd, at the UC Davis Alumni Center in Davis, CA. Wellstone Action presented on building a stronger base for your organization.

2016 Convening
The 2016 Grassroots Convening was held on Friday, October 28th, at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. Jonathan Poisner presented on The Art and Science of Organizing.

2015 Convening
The 2015 Grassroots Convening was held on Thursday, October 15th, at the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center in Davis, California. Together, we learned how storytelling is a powerful tool to recruit people, raise money, and advocate for public policy.

2014 Convening
The 2014 Grassroots Convening was held on Friday, October 24th at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. The theme presented by Institute for Conservation Leadership was “The Bucks Start Here: Getting Organized To Go For Money.”

2013 Convening
The 2013 Grassroots Convening was held on Friday, October 11th at Sacramento State University Alumni Center. The focus of the Convening was Communications GAME plan, presented by LightBox Collaborative.

2012 Convening
The 2012 Grassroots Grantee Convening was held October 19 at the beautiful Berkeley City Club in Berkeley, California.

2011 Convening
The focus of the 2011 Grassroots Convening was raising money and generating media.

2010 Convening
The focus of 2010 Grassroots Convening was building organizational capacity.

2009 Convening
The focus of the 2009 Grassroots Convening held in Sacramento was grassroots fundraising.

2008 Convening
A summary and photos of the 2008 Grassroots Convening held in Oakland. The focus of the convening was using web tools for grassroots advocacy and fundraising.

2007 Convening
Summary of the 2007 Grassroots Convening held in Sacramento. The focus of the convening was effective grassroots communication and how to tell your story.

2006 Convening
Summary of the 2006 Grassroots Convening held in San Francisco. The theme was how to expand fundraising beyond foundation grants and had sessions on media, volunteers, and strategy.

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