How To Apply Central Valley Disadvantaged Community Water Quality Grants Program


All interested applicants must submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) as an initial step. This letter allows the Rose Foundation to determine if the proposal appears to be a good fit for the fund. Please remember, this grants fund has twin “bull’s eyes”, to benefit underserved, vulnerable, or otherwise disadvantaged community benefit and to improve water quality. To advance in the process, successful applicants must hit both bull’s eyes.

Please follow these steps to submit your Letter of Inquiry.

a) Check Eligibility: Please check all eligibility requirements before starting the application.

b) Read the LOI Instructions: Please read all of the instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step. To access our online application system instructions, please visit

c) Start your LOI The letter of inquiry must be submitted via our online application system. Once you log onto the system, please specifically answer each question, and please be aware of the character limits that will be specified for your responses to each question.After submitting this Letter of Inquiry, applicants may be asked for additional information or clarification of answers to specific questions.


A limited number of full funding applications will be invited based on the letters of inquiry. If you are invited to submit a full funding application.

  • Read the Application Instructions: Please read all of the instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step. To access our online application system instructions, please click here.
  • Start your Application: To get started on your application, please click here.


What Happens Next

The Letters of Inquiry will be screened and applicants may or may not be contacted for follow up information. Based on the invited applications received, the Rose Foundation will then recommend the Project List to the Central Valley Water Board for consideration. At its discretion, the Water Board may accept some, or all, of the projects on the Project List. Once the final Project List is determined, these projects will become eligible for SEP funding.

Successfully completing the application process and being placed on the Annual Project List does not mean that you will be automatically awarded a grant. It does mean that your organization will become eligible to be selected by dischargers who are involved with a CVRWQCB enforcement process in the coming year, or otherwise be matched with a CVRWQCB settlement where there is a close nexus between the nature of the project and the underlying violations alleged in the enforcement action. Please be aware: all grant applications should be considered publicly-available documents, and the full text of all applications recommended for the 2019 Project List shall be provided to CVRWQCB board members and published on the CVRWQCB’s website.


Laura Fernandez, Program Officer
lfernandez -at- (replace -at- with @)
(510) 658-0702


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